Track remotely your child’s address book and keep an eye on their interactions. EvaSpy - it is a software that allows lets you scan any new or existing phone number remotely from your online account.
Monitor Contacts on Phone Remotely
  • View contacts’ names & phone numbers

    View contacts’ names & phone numbers

    Check your child’s address book from afar with EvaSpy and view the contacts’ names and phone numbers.*
  • Monitor interactions

    Monitor interactions

    Use call tracking and SMS monitoring features to track interactions with specific contacts.
  • Track contacts remotely

    Track contacts remotely

    With EvaSpy, you don’t need to access the target Android device to monitor contacts. Simply log in your EvaSpy account and view all contacts on the go.
It may take EvaSpy up to 24 hours to update information about new contacts on your online dashboard.

Why Spy On a Kid’s Address Book?

years old is the average age when children get their first smartphone.

A child’s address book may tell you much about his/her current interactions. EvaSpy silently records all contacts from the target Android device and sends the data to your online dashboard. With one click, you can find out names and phone numbers saved in the kid’s address book. Besides, EvaSpy has powerful tracking features like call recording and monitoring, spying on texts messages and call logs, so parents can easily track all interactions with all contacts.

EvaSpy lets you monitor the user’s phone and social interactions and helps you protect your beloved one from bad influence and other dangers.

Monitoring of other apps

EvaSpy can track more than 50 apps, including
  • Geoposition

Soluciones adicionales del EvaSpy

Grabar todas las pulsaciones de teclas, capturar contraseñas, visitar sitios web, chats y hacer capturas de pantalla.

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