Monitor Snapchat with EvaSpy

Access to Snapchat text messages and ensure that your kids are not being bullied online. Check how much time your children spend on this app and what kind of information they share with Snapchat contacts. With EvaSpy, you'll know what your kids are gossiping about and what they're up to.
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  • Check Snapchat timestamps

    Check Snapchat timestamps

    View the time & date of all text messages and check if your kid isn't chatting with their classmates instead of doing homework.
  • Record sent text messages

    Record sent text messages

    Access all sent Snapchat text messages and find out what your kid is up to.
  • Read received text messages

    Read received text messages

    Check incoming Snapchat text messages and make sure that your kid isn't a victim of online bullying.*
  • View Snapchat nicknames

    View Snapchat nicknames

    Track who sends your kid inappropriate text messages and protect your child from bad influence before it becomes a real problem.
On Android 10, Snapchat incoming messages are recorded as soon as the user opens the chat.

Why Spy on Snapchat Activities?

of Snapchat users are teenagers.

Teens love Snapchat as they can text with friends, share photos and videos, and play with filters on this app. This social app has many entertaining features and therefore it may become a time-waster distracting kids’ attention at school and at home. EvaSpy lets you check how much time your children spend on Snapchat and when exactly they’re texting with friends.

If you find the app unproductive, you can simply block it via the EvaSpy dashboard. Besides, Snapchat is full of online bullies and strangers like any other social app, so EvaSpy lets you keep an eye on your child’s Snapchat interactions.

Monitoring of other apps

EvaSpy can track more than 50 apps, including

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