Keylogger for Android

Record keystrokes on the target device and view remotely them from afar on your EvaSpy dashboard.
Typing tracking removed on Android phone
  • Record keystrokes

    Record keystrokes

    EvaSpy monitors all keystrokes (except passwords) in most popular social apps and web-browsers. This feature lets you know what your kids discuss with their friends on social apps, what they search on the Net, etc.
  • Check timestamps

    Check timestamps

    EvaSpy lets you know when exactly the text has been typed, providing you date & time stamps.
  • View the recorded keystrokes on the go

    View the recorded keystrokes on the go

    EvaSpy allows remote monitoring via online account, so you can view the recorded keystrokes from any device and any place.

Why Record Keystrokes on Android?

of children say they know how to hide their users activities from parents.

Keystroke logging is a very helpful feature when you want to read outgoing text messages or written comments on social apps and view search queries. EvaSpy records all keystrokes (passwords are not recorded due to Android system limitations) in most popular apps giving you a vivid picture of what your child is up to.

Even if the user removes typed text, it will be captured by EvaSpy. All recorded keystrokes can be viewed on the go from your online account. Simply open EvaSpy dashboard, log in and select the “Keylogger” section.

Monitoring of other apps

EvaSpy can track more than 50 apps, including
  • Geoposition

Additional solutions from EvaSpy

Record all keystrokes, capture passwords, visited websites, chats and take screenshots.

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