Installed Applications

EvaSpy makes parental control smooth and simple and lets you restrict usage of the applications you find inappropriate or unproductive. You can simply open EvaSpy dashboard from any device, go to the “Used Applications” section and block any app without physical access to the target device.
Application Blocking for Android
  • Monitor used applications

    Monitor used applications

    Track what apps are used by your child with EvaSpy.
  • Detect time-wasters

    Detect time-wasters

    Check time statistics and find the apps that should be blocked.
  • Block unwanted apps

    Block unwanted apps

    Use EvaSpy to restrict usage of the applications that you find unproductive or dangerous.

Why Do You Need an Application Blocking Feature?

of teens say that they’d change their behaviour on social apps if they knew that their parents were monitoring them.

This feature is very helpful when you find out that your kid has a profile on some unwanted dating or social app you don’t trust. Additionally, some apps may contain violent or inappropriate content that can influence kids badly. Besides, some apps are complete time-wasters that distract your kids from important daily activities like studying. It’s better to restrict the usage of such unwanted apps until it becomes a problem.

EvaSpy lets you block inappropriate apps remotely from your online account. Simply log in, select the app you find unproductive and click “Block”. Once blocked, the app won’t open on the target device.

Monitoring of other apps

EvaSpy can track more than 50 apps, including
  • Geoposition

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