EvaSpy Features

  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring

    Use an online dashboard to check the recorded data remotely and keep an eye on your kid's activities on the go.
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  • WhatsApp


    Track WhatsApp chats and ensure that your kids are safe.
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  • Viber


    Check what your teen is texting about with his Viber contacts.
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  • Call logs

    Call logs

    Listen to all inbound and outbound phone calls and check time, duration, and caller information with phone number.
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  • Gallery


    View all media (photos, videos, and audio) that is stored on the device.
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  • Access blocking

    Access blocking

    Block unwanted apps and websites to protect your kids from inappropriate content.
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  • Geolocation


    Spy on the current GPS location, view paths and visited places on the map.
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  • Query history

    Query history

    Check search queries in most popular web-browsers to know what your kids are up to.
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  • Instagram


    Monitor Instagram sent and received chat messages with contact nicknames.
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  • Snapchat


    Spy on Snapchat text messages.
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  • Contacts


    Look through the contacts and block people who look to be trouble.
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  • Keylogger


    Record keystrokes in most popular messengers, apps and web-browsers.
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