EvaSpy for Windows

An easy-to-use application for remote monitoring of kids’ activities on computers. With EvaSpy parental control software, you will always know what your kids do on their devices.
Call & App Monitoring on Windows devices

EvaSpy Features

  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring

    EvaSpy allows tracking all user activities from afar through your secured web account. This means that you don’t need access to the target device to view the recorded data. Monitor your kids’ activities from any device and any place with EvaSpy!
  • IMs Activity

    IMs Activity

    EvaSpy keeps records of children’s activities and allows video call recording in the most popular instant messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, etc.).
  • Screen recording

    Screen recording

    It is a constant recording of the screen of the monitored computer. Screen recording is a perfect solution for parents who want to find out what user activities were taking place on the kid’s device within a particular period of time.
  • Webcam Recording

    Webcam Recording

    EvaSpy can turn the target device into an advanced surveillance tool and record surroundings with the webcam letting you know what was going on near the target device within a particular period of time.
  • Call Recording

    Call Recording

    Thanks to the Voice & Video Call Recording feature, EvaSpy can record incoming and outgoing calls in the most popular IMs (Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, Line, Google Talk, and more). Simply go to your online panel and choose the messengers you want to be recorded and EvaSpy will record all voice and video calls made with the selected apps.
  • Live Screen Viewing

    Live Screen Viewing

    View the screen of the target computer remotely in live mode and find out what your child is doing when you are not present.
  • Screenshot Capturing

    Screenshot Capturing

    EvaSpy makes screenshots on various events taking place on the monitored device.
  • Search Queries

    Search Queries

    Keep an eye on what your kid enters in the most popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, AOL).
  • Social Networks Activity

    Social Networks Activity

    Check your kids’ activities on the widely-used social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more) and protect them from cyberbullying and other online dangers.
  • Visited Websites

    Visited Websites

    The application monitors all websites visited by kids and sends the data to your online account. With EvaSpy, you’ll know what content your children access on the Net.
  • Website Blocker

    Website Blocker

    Add unwanted websites to the blacklist with the website blocker feature. You can block websites by category (dating sites, video hostings, torrents, adult sites, etc.), by URL or a particular keyword.
  • Running Applications

    Running Applications

    EvaSpy records what applications the user opens so you’ll be able to identify time-wasting and unwanted apps.
  • Sound Recording

    Sound Recording

    EvaSpy can turn the target device into an advanced surveillance tool by using the computer’s microphone to periodically make sound recordings.
  • Printer Activity

    Printer Activity

    When a printer task is active, EvaSpy takes a record of it.
  • External Drives Control

    External Drives Control

    The program tracks all interactions with removable storage devices, including USB, HDD, SD.
  • User Statistics

    User Statistics

    All recorded data is represented in graphs, charts, and analytical tables for your convenience.
  • Webcam Video

    Webcam Video

    The program can periodically record webcam video when selected important events take place.
  • Webcam Snapshots

    Webcam Snapshots

    Find out what’s going on near the target device by capturing webcam snapshots and viewing them remotely.

How Does EvaSpy Work?

  • Easy install EvaSpy
    Buy a subscription and enter your valid email
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  • Easy install EvaSpy
    Check the inbox for your EvaSpy password and sign into your online account
  • Easy install EvaSpy
    Download EvaSpy from your account and install it on the target device
  • Easy install EvaSpy
    Start monitoring
EvaSpy For Windows Advantages


  • 1


    EvaSpy is designed with parents in mind and doesn’t require any special technical skills to start monitoring the target computer.
  • 2

    Powerful Features

    EvaSpy offers advanced monitoring features allowing you to record any kind of kids’ activities on their devices.
  • 3

    Remote Monitoring

    The program allows remote monitoring of user activities from any place and any device so you can track your target on the go.
  • 4

    Secured Account

    We take both the privacy and security of your data very seriously that’s why your online account is strongly protected.