Comment installer EvaSpy sur les appareils Android ?


Android OS 2.1 and above
Unlimited data plan recommended
- Note that you don't need any license key for the activation of the application.
- You will be offered to create an online account for remote monitoring during the installation of the application. Please use the email associated with your purchase when you download the application and create an online account.
How to Install EvaSpysettings icondownload icon

1. Disable Google Play Protect

Open "Play Store" application on the target smartphone > Tap Menu > Play Protect > Disable "Scan device for security threats".
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2. Download and Install "EvaSpy Client"

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3. Configure "EvaSpy Client"

Terms and Access Permission

Read End User License Agreement and accept it if you agree.
During installation EvaSpy will prompt to activate “Administrator rights”. Activating “Administrator rights” will allow features like Lock Device Screen, Set Lock-Screen Password, Disable Camera to function. It will also protect against uninstallation.
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3.1 Create / Register EvaSpy Account

Already EvaSpy User

If you have already created your EvaSpy account, select "I'm already an EvaSpy user" option.
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Create a new EvaSpy account

If you want to create a new user account, select "I'm new to EvaSpy" option. Enter valid information and tap "Register". Check your inbox and verify your email address by following the confirmation link.
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3.2 Access Permission


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4. Email Verification

Tap on the downloaded APK to trigger installation and follow the screenshots below to complete installation.

5. Post Installation Steps

5.1 Android 10 and above

To do special settings on Android 10, you need to connect the smartphone with the Windows Desktop and run the Permission Tool.

5.2 Make Application Trusted

Select the model of your device from the list below and follow the guide.