Tinder is a very popular dating app where teens can meet new friends. The fact that this platform is specifically designed to meet new people online makes Tinder very attractive for strangers and predators. A Tinder user can choose any name and photo while registering, so the app is full of fake profiles. EvaSpy helps parents protect their beloved ones from online strangers awaiting teens on this dating app.
Tinder tracker for Android
  • Monitor keystrokes

    Monitor keystrokes

    To view what messages your child sends to Tinder users, EvaSpy offers a keylogging feature that records keys pressed on social apps.
  • Check received messages

    Check received messages

    EvaSpy records all Tinder notifications, meaning that if a notification contains info about incoming texts, you’ll be able to view it on your online account.
  • Restrict Access

    Restrict Access

    If you think that your kid is too young to use dating apps, you can block Tinder from your online account.

Why Spy on Tinder?

of online predators use dating and social apps to find out children’s preferences.

Dating apps are predators’ most favorite platforms to meet their future victims and lure kids into a trap because such apps are used exactly for meeting new friends or partners. It’s pretty easy to create a fake profile and to start texting with teens on dating apps and, unfortunately, in most cases, teens even don’t suspect that they’re interacting with strangers. Besides, teens usually feel free while communicating with online friends and may share some personal information. That’s why, it’s better to control kids’ Tinder activities before it becomes a problem.

EvaSpy helps you track sent messages via keystrokes logging and received texts via notifications. Join us with a free trial and take your child’s online activities under control!

Monitoring of other apps

EvaSpy can track more than 50 apps, including
  • Geoposition

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