Set safe locations for your kid like home, school and the best friend’s apartment and get notified as soon as you child breaches safe barriers.
GPS Location Monitoring for Android
  • Select safe zones

    Select safe zones

    Set an unlimited number of safe locations for your beloved one.
  • Get alerts

    Get alerts

    Receive email notifications if your kid leaves the selected safe perimeter to prevent them from visiting unwanted places.
  • View all whereabouts

    View all whereabouts

    Access the location history with timestamps and addresses via your EvaSpy account.

Why Do You Need a Geofencing Feature?

of teens have lied to their parents about their real location.

Sometimes, parents suspect that their teens are going to a party instead of visiting their best friend. Moreover, adults may simply worry that their kid visits some unwanted places like nightclubs, hookah bars, or people who look to be trouble. EvaSpy lets you decide what locations are safe and set virtual barriers for such places.

As soon as the Android user leaves a particular location, the app notifies you about zone exit, so you can quickly call your kid and check what’s happening.

Monitoring of other apps

EvaSpy can track more than 50 apps, including
  • Geoposition

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